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10 Mar 2016
Sunrise over the Camel Estuary
Sunrise over the Camel Estuary

Inspired by my holidays in Padstow - a very relaxing afternoon spent making this felt and machine embroidering.  This is such a lovely hobby! 

7 Mar 2016

I was delighted to receive an email last week advising me that in Karensa's first week of trading this year I had sold 4 pictures.  I have to say that I'm still on a bit of a high.  As with most artists I have regular bouts of doubting myself so it gave me a well needed boost.  I have been designing like mad since then to back up the stocks.  

The needle felting course on 19 March is now full but there are still spaces at Hilltop Farm, Hunningham for both the felt making and the needle felting course.
14 Feb 2016

I've had a very successful weekend.  I've completed 3 lovely pictures.  BUT not without hassle from the sewing machine.  The machine kept getting stuck and holding tight to the material.  Each time I undid the sewing plate and took the bobbin holder out.  I cleaned everything and put it all back together and it just kept happening.  Then the needle fell out and I began to think that was the problem but once the needle was back in the machine still kept getting stuck.  Patience, patience, patience!   I then thought I would try using another bobbin and that was it!  I can't believe that it was the bobbin because it looked alright!  Anyway another lesson learnt and something that may be useful to you! 

7 Feb 2016

If you are looking for a good printers and framers I can recommend Halo Print and Frame.  They are so helpful and very reasonably priced.  Excellent quality!  They have also scanned some of my large paintings and produced great prints.  Contact details: Halo Print and Frame, The Loft Studio, Imaging Warehouse, 1A Blackhill Industrial Estate, Warwick Road,Stratford  CV37 0PT.  Tel: 07790778519  At time of writing this open Monday to Friday from 8.30 am - 5.30 pm. Weekends by request.

2 Feb 2016

Well who would know that taking a photograph for a website or print would be so tricky!  Initially I took photos with my I phone but on taking them to a printers was advised that they weren't of an adequate resolution.  I then took the photos with my daughter's camera which was infinitely better but I felt that I wanted a more precise picture for a better result.  A friend used his 'super' camera that he uses professionally.  He forwarded these to the person who was setting up my website and I thought that was it! Oh no!  How could life be so simple?  The pictures were fine for the website but when sent to the printers to be made into greetings cards they were really dark.  I was then advised that photos have to be different for printing - much brighter.  Finally I have got the hang of it!  The greetings cards look great and I have had machine embroidered pictures as well as some of my paintings printed.  Hopefully this will help others when on the same track

31 Jan 2016

Just arrived in Padstow after a very soggy journey.  Feeling quite anxious about tomorrow but it's all very exciting.  Car packed with pictures for Karensa Gallery's new season.   It's been tiring getting everything together but worth it to eventually get here and to be putting things into place.  Roll on tomorrow!   

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