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30 Jan 2018

 Lovely last minute needle felting workshop yesterday and as usual great results.  A good outing for the family as 3 generations joined the group - all very talented although with very little knowledge of felting.  They plan to come back for a wet felting course! 

28 Jan 2018

 I can't believe it has been so long since I wrote on here!  Life whizzes by but I didn't think that it had whizzed that much!!! Anyway a great glass painting workshop yesterday.  Great results - it's a tricky skill - especially using cerne relief to get a good outline but everyone did a brilliant job and the final results were quite stunning.  If you would like to try this wonderful craft and I do not have workshops advertised to suit you just contact me and I will work around dates suitable to you!

29 May 2017

 Mad weekend trying to get ready for Open Studios.  Very tricky glass painting, getting adverts out and labels for pictures.  Just a tidy up now and need to buy plants for the pots in the garden.  The plants are in flower at completely different times this year!  Here's hoping there will be some colour by 17 June.  Hope to see you here - the more the merrier!!

17 May 2017

 I was invited to deliver a needle felting workshop to a lovely group of very talented ladies in Solihull on Monday morning.  Great success all around!  I am happy to travel to a venue to do a workshop for a group of friends.  Please contact me if you would like to discuss this.

2 May 2017

 Great wet felting workshop on Saturday!  Everyone came with their own pictures to inspire them and they were all amazed at how much they achieved in 2 hours!

23 Apr 2017

 Alex is eventually finished and although I shouldn't say so I love it!  Estelle Robinson is a brilliant teacher so if you are interested do contact her.  She also does workshops.  I'm keen to do a portrait of my son now but needless to say, he's not keen!

9 Apr 2017

 Just worked on the hat today but each step makes such a difference - I can actually see the end in sight.

12 Mar 2017

After another couple of hours I eventually got the nose right!  I'm loving it and now actually feel that I would like to do more portraits!  Thanks Estelle

4 Mar 2017

A fun and very rewarding glass painting workshop.  Well done everyone!  I know some of you won't be able to resist a trip to Hobbycraft for glass paints!!!!

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